“Gravity Twins”
Vibe and Phaser in one Box.

Completely new development of U-Sound! Revival Legendary Vintage 60's Univibe in space form, and in the modern modifications. In fact - 2 effect in one magic box. The basis of the pedal is a circuit of the legendary Univibe 60s. Just as in the original, in the audio path circuits are not used - only specially selected transistors.
As elements of the modulation used photoresistors. The main feature of this pedal is the availability a Phaser Footswitch mode. As a result, we have 2 great effect in a bottle - Vibe and Phaser.
Make your sound close to the sound of Jimmy - for this purpose have U-Sound!
The “Gravity Twins” is powered by an external power supply of 9 volt (no more!) DC, 150ma
negative center pin power supply.  
Do not use the One Spot, or any other switching power supply!
Volume - output signal level
Speed - speed modulation
Depth - level of modulation
Vibe - Chorus - disable dry signal from the mix
Input - Guitar input
Output - Out to amplifier
Power -   9V DC, 150ma. 
Dimensions: 120x90x55 mm 

This pedal is custom-made.

Terms of manufacturing and price is discussed individually.

If you would like to assist in the creation of new models of pedals - I'm grateful in advance for that support.