At U-Sound, we design and build boutique analog effects pedals and other equipment for professional guitarists and bassists. Whether you're playing live or you're in the recording studio, U-Sound pedals will help you define "your" sound.

Our company is the collaboration of electronics engineer Oleg Vorokha, who has spent countless hours crafting our signature tones, and graphic artist Ilya Lipkin, whose unique artwork endeavors to express the tonal character of each individual piece. Our pedals feature unique and amazing tonal quality along with unparalleled esthetics and durability. Each pedal's artwork is unique, evocative, and expressive --just like the sounds they create. We pride ourselves in exceeding the production standards of all similar products. Each unit is uncompromisingly handmade using the highest quality components, and we make no effort to save on production costs by using inexpensive or inferior parts.

As a musician and an artist, you strive to set yourself apart from others by finding your own unique sound. This is nearly impossible if you are using the same gear as everyone else. As a thoughtful musician, you owe it to yourself to explore our product line. Please listen to our sound samples and read our reviews.

We invite you to find "your sound" at U-Sound.
It's your turn to try U-Sound!