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“Punchy Bass”
Bass Preamp DI Box
Punchy Bass" - this is a solid state Preamp - DI Box for bass guitar.
Preamp has a four band EQ, control Gain, Volume, plus multiple tone shaping switches.
The device is hand built using very high quality, selected components. This high quality preamp can be used for home music lessons, and for the performances on the large stage, as well as finding application in the recording studio.
Other features preamp:
Built-in headphone amplifier with volume control.
Built in mini mixer for connecting an external audio source (CD, computer, etc.). It is convenient for use with a "backing track".
Outputs - regular and active balanced (Jack, XLR), and a headphone output.
TREBLE -    7kHz  / -14dB
HIGH MID - 1 kHz /  6dB -10dB
LOW MID - 250Hz / 6dB -10dB
BASS -  60Hz  / -10dB
LO CUT - is a bass roll off and is used to control stage rummble at high volume.
MID CONTOUR - puts a notch at about 500 hz giving a mellow sound.
HI BOOST - adds edge and defenition.
VOLUME BOOST - switch mode Preamp/Pedal.
Dimensions : 185х120х45 mm
Weight : 750 g
Power Adapter : AC 15V/0.8A

This pedal is custom-made.

Terms of manufacturing and the price is discussed individually.