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“Alpha Centauri”
The U-Sound Alpha Centauri shines as a supermassive Klone-type star. The Alpha Centauri is packed with explosive tonal modifications that expand the reach of the old drive.
The main feature of the Alpha Centauri is a clear and transparent sound, close to the pure sound of the guitar at low Gain, and a tight, uncompressed growl at the maximum Gain.
Throughout the entire range of adjustment, individual note definition of each string is perfect, even when playing chords. In the U-Sound pedal, we expanded the capabilities of the mighty drive tone.
We have added a germanium booster, which allows us to obtain a larger gain in the midrange frequencies, like the Dallas Rangemaster tone! The sound of our germanium booster gives you that creamy, vocal sound guitarists like Brian May have.
This pedal is available in three versions.
Feature of the Alpha Centauri V 1.0 is the Clipping Diode Switch. With the Diode Switch in the Low Position, you are running the vintage (1968) Germanium diodes of the Soviet Union, perfectly voiced for the blues. In the Upper Position - silicon diodes ! This allows you to get a more aggressive sound, with plenty of gain for hard rock. The Alpha Centauri gives you sound of the legendary pedal but with a stellar advancement in tonal options. All of theses innovations serve to expand the original sound of your guitar.  Even with the pedal off - the Alpha Centauri gives you control. You can choose what type of bypass will be used - active or true.
Alpha Сentauri V 2.0 is different from the first added adjust the volume booster knob.
End finally - Alpha Сentauri V 3.0. In addition to the Booster Volume, it has a Booster Foot Switch. In this version there are no switches - only true bypass, vintage Germanium dioles.
V 3.0 Today Available and ready to ship worldwide!

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Booster Volume (V 2.0 and V 3.0)
Foot Switch:
Effect ON (V 1.0 and V 2.0)
Booster ON (V 2.0)
Features: 3 micro toggle switches (V 1.0 and V 2.0)
Germanium Booster
Type Bypass - active or true.
Power:  9V (no more!) DC stabilized power supply 
Do not use the 1 Spot, or any other switching power supply!
Length: 120 mm
Width: 100 mm
Height: 55 mm
Weight: 400 grams