“Antarctic Chorus II”
Stereo Dual Chorus  
"Antarctic Chorus II" is a modified and decreased in sizes copy of the "Antarctic Chorus". This new pedal took in all the best of its predecessor.
This stompbox is a very bright and extremely rich and dreamy Chorus effect's pedal! The Antarctic Chorus II is used in every different style of music from jazz to modern trends. It sounds so rich it almost rivals the sound of a 12-string guitar. It is a pedal designed to be very Lush and is a delight to hear and play through! If you look at the block diagram of the Antarctic Chorus II, it becomes evident that it is radically different from most mass-produced chorus's.
In fact - this pedal features a double studio chorus (Double Chorus), in which the signal delivers not one, but two slightly different lines of delay. Due to the different time delays (at a time), mixing of the direct signal from the two detainees creates a unique surround sound effect. Another feature of this chorus is the presence in the scheme compander (compressor and expander in one crystal). In this way, it achieves a minimum level of noise from the device.
The "Antarctic Chorus II" is powered by an external power supply of 9 volt (no more!) DC, 150ma
negative center pin power supply.  
Do not use the One Spot, or any other switching power supply!
Volume - output signal level
Mix -  effect signal level
Tone - level of high - freq effect
Detune - disbalance between two delay lines
Speed - speed modulation
Depth - level of modulation
Vibro - disable dry signal from the mix
Input - Guitar input
Output A - Channel A OUT (In Mono mode, use it)
Output B - Channel B OUT
Power -   9V DC, 150ma. 
Dimensions: 120x90x75 mm 
Sound samples presented here recorded with the previous version of the pedal, but they fully compliant of a new chorus sounding.

This pedal is custom-made.

Terms of manufacturing and the price is discussed individually.

If you would like to assist in the creation of new models of pedals - I'm grateful in advance for that support.