This is the second version - Ver 2.2, assembled and ready to use PCB for Wah pedals. It is designed for installation in standard enclosure "Wah." Wah-wah-watson based on the classic schematics, like most pedals equipped with a potentiometer and the inductor.
The classic version of schematic has been modified several times by many manufacturers. Wah-wah-watson is the original mod U-Sound.
This mod includes:
1. Availability of external volume control.
2. Signal flow when off effect - True Bypass.
3. On indicator effect.
4. The presence of 2 switchable inductors.
5. Tuning sensitivity.
6. Adjustment of bass.
7. Range switch. 
The latter allows to use the effect with a guitar, baritone and bass guitar.
In Ver 2.2 using capacitors best manufacturers and resistors Carbon Comp. And that is very important for sound - selected NOS transistors 2N3415 (release late 60's, early 70's (NOS). It is these transistors were placed in many Wah releases at the time. In the first version - Ver 1.0 used specially selected NOS transistors BC109.
Through the listed properties, the pedal will sound exactly the way you want. You can configure it to work as a funk, disco, and in conjunction with the fuzz, overdrive and distortion.
Currently available only separately PCB different configuration.
Body not included.
Means the replacement stock PCB in the classic version wah pedal.

PCB Dimensions: 74 х 76 mm  
Configuration options:
Extra + - Assembled and connected by wires, two coil U-Sound, High Quality Wah POT 125k, 3 PDT Foot Switch.
Extra    - Still, as in Extra +, but one coil.
Standard Still, as in Extra , without POT 
Econom - only assebled PCB (without one coil, POT, 3 PDT Foot Switch)

Installation Instructions Download:
Appearance of PCB:   1, 2, 3.

This pedal is custom-made.

Terms of manufacturing and the price is discussed individually.