“Crunch Of Clubs”
All Tube Guitar Preamp 

The second tube preamp of the "Preferences" series U-Sound. The unit is pimped with four 6S7B tubes that were used in Soviet space and military technologies in 60's and 70's.Todays these tubes usually find their application in the high end audiophile systems. The tone of this unit is primarily a bright vintage sound that works perfectly for blues, classic rock, rockabilly and fusion. Along with the additional units (like overdrive, compression, distortion and other pedals) the power and flexibility of this preamp becomes unlimited!

The two channels of "Crunch Of Clubs" have a mutual 3-band EQ  and the separate "Gain" and "Volume" controls. The channels are toggled with the "CHANNEL" footswitch.The pedal has the regular "Input" and "Output" but also the speaker-simulation output designed for transmitting the signal right to the console, or recording in line. 

Dimensions : 185х120х45 mm
Weight : 750 g
Power Adapter : AC 12V/1A


Gain A - "A" channel input sensitivity
Gain B - "B" channel input sensitivity
Volume A - "A" channel volume
Volume B - "B" channel volume
Bass - low freq level
Middle - mid freq level
Treble - high freq level

Channel - A or B Channel
Input - preamp input
Output - preamp output

SCS Out - speaker-simulation output
AC 12V - Power Adapter IN


This pedal is custom-made.

Terms of manufacturing and the price is discussed individually.