Guitar Buffer/Enchancer

This small box works miracles. All the guitarists are cases when they hear the sound of losing his guitar. This occurs most often in series using a few effects pedals. Do you hear that signal strength has dropped, lost high frequency. Turn your guitar directly into amplifier, and then between the guitar and amplifier set pedalboard (even with a little pedal) - you'll hear the difference.

Shaman is designed to make up losses the sound of the guitar. It sends a signal without changing the timbre coloring and does not introduce artifact and noise.On samples provided below, you will surely hear - how much better sounding instrument this little magic box.

Power supply is 9-15V DC adaptor (not included). Totally hand built/wired.

Dimensions: 110x60x36 mm

This pedal is custom-made.


Terms of manufacturing and the price is discussed individually.