Classic Overdrive + Booster

The classic overdrive with an active booster. It's quite a popular combination among guitarists. And it has many benefits. But the gimmick of this very pedal is the function that would be impossible when using two separate effects. It's the option of the following order. The first mode is when the booster is first and acts as the "heater" with a flexible timbre adjustment. The second mode is when the booster is preceded by overdrive. In this case the overdrive tone can be amplified and corrected (in frequencies) by the active booster.

The unit can be used as the preamp. The two effects can function combined and separately.

The pedal is assembled with the highest quality components. It has a transparent, clear and noiseless sound. Compact and convenient.

  U2 is powered with a stabilized adapter (9V). True Bypass.  

Do not use the One Spot, or any other switching power supply!



  • Volume - output level
  • Tone - timbre control
  • Drive - distortion level
  • FAT - "the beef" switch


  • Boost - output level
  • Treble - high freq level
  • Middle - mid freq level
  • Bass - low freq level
  • Boost/Drive - following order switch
  • 1 - 1st effect on/off button
  • 2 - 2nd effect on/off button

Dimensions: 115x90x40 mm
Weight: 490 g

This pedal is custom-made.

Terms of manufacturing and the price is discussed individually.