FET Distortion + Booster pedal
We feel the RIPPER is the single most versatile Distortion / Boost pedal ever made! 
We know that's a bold claim, but our little pedal can back it up! 
This super-versatile pedal actually combines two independent effects into one unit:  an  FET distortion pedal and a boost pedal with a 3-band EQ, each with customizable settings. You can use the effects alone, or in combination, and the tonal palate is exceedingly vast.
The RIPPER was developed at the request of one of our long time customers, who challenged us to combine two U-Sound effects pedals, the "Plexi Killer" and the "Simon Boost", into one enclosure.  The result is a pedal that can produce tones that neither alone can.
With most distortion pedals, you bring it home, plug it in, and pray.
You fiddle with the control knobs and search frantically for the perfect sound. 
But sometimes you just can't find "the tone".  Often, everything sounds too bright.  Or maybe the bass is just too fizzy.  Or maybe you love the tone thru your Strat, but it you're not digging it thru your Les Paul.  What happens then?  Do you continue to search in vain for the perfect pedal? 
Well, you can stop searching.
We've designed the RIPPER to make certain that never happens again! 
Here's how we did it:
You can run Distortion alone, Boost alone, Distortion and Boost together, or turn both off for your dry signal.  But that's only a fraction of the adjustment capability available here.  We've included DIP switches and trimmer potentiometers (trim pots) inside the pedal so you can fine tune the pedal to match your rig.  You can truly find your "dream tone" with this pedal.
Just screw off the bottom plate, change the switching configuration to suit your ear, and you've just customized the RIPPER to your personal specs.  (click here to view the internal adjusters)
Imagine shimmering clear plexi overtones with gobs of additional boosting power!  Amazing!!
Dial up everything from slightly boosted jazz tones, to raspy AC/DC power chords, to bone crunching metal chugging.  It's all right here in the RIPPER.
The sonic signature of this pedal is unlike that of any you have heard before.
Finally, you can effortlessly dial up copious rich and interesting tones that will help you define your own sound.
External Control Knobs:
Gain - distortion level
Volume - distortion volume
Tone - distortion timbre
Boost - volume of boosted signal
Internal EQ adjustments(click here to view the internal trim pots and DIP switches)
Internal DIP switch adjustments:
Shift  (more high-mid)
Bass boost
6 dB volume boost
Gain 2
Bass boost
Features: 100% True Bypass
Power:  9 volt (no more!), negative center pin power supply
Do not use the One Spot, or any other switching power supply!
Length: 110 mm
Width: 60 mm
Height: 50 mm
Weight: 280 grams
 This pedal is custom-made.

Terms of manufacturing and the price is discussed individually.